My prospective projects


When a person for the pleasure of writing has become a passion, as is my case, it is normal for projects, ideas and intentions accumulate much faster than the ability to give them form and content.

I write every day, and yet, not if you live a hundred, two hundred years would not have time to translate into reality all my literary projects.

At this moment, we are in November 2014 and from today until the 2015 Sant Jordi is planned reissue of the book in e-book about my father and my grandfather in the Civil War, a time hopeless, the release of a new historical novel • along with my friend Andrew Gonzalez and another noir.

The other major projects are:

  • A set of science fiction stories, which is finished.
  • History: two historical novels, from different eras, design and plot prepared and launched the first chapters.
  • A novel of the genre set in the era of the Roman Empire. Only the basic idea.
  • Love: the two novel of love, based on true stories. Only the basic idea.
  • Philosophy Essay: Three ideas ready to start working.
  • A novel the black science fiction in Barcelona XXII century. Structure and basic development.
  • collective contributions literary magazines fixed culture.
  • A fairytale, as a prototype of a series of stories and • of example myself. In the creative process.
  • A project for a series of stories by teenage audience, led by a group of boys and girls.
  • A set of 100 micro-stories of each page.
  • As a final project, a book summary of my best ideas literary percent, obviously I will never take place. So I want to make the same written by way of inheritance, if someone wants to use. If there are still writers, of course …