In the same way than painting, my hobby of writing dates back to the time I was a child, when nobody managed to win me at school at the time of writing, in which imagination played the main role.

Although I have already published many books, I consider myself an amateur writer. To my opinion, professional writers are the ones that live, or try to live, on their ability to capture stories, facts or experiences that are really worthy on a piece of paper and also have the ability to appeal a readership.

I am, as a technical engineer, a professional from another sector. I recognise that I would have loved to have enough audacity to devote my life exclusively to this hobby, not to say vice, which is writing, together with my other greatest obsession, painting.

My obsession with writing is vocational and I have always had it inside. Unfortunately, though, for whatever reason I did not start to practise it seriously until I was fourty.

The imagination is the tool I use most when writing, either by giving life to real facts or by creating fiction tales, I try that this wonderful tool all we humans have –that is our mind- takes me and my readers through seducing and thrilling paths.

To reach this aim, I put myself in my characters’ shoes, so it is me who lives the situations I imagine, the feelings I share and the facts I describe. My aim is to captivate with my feelings and to achieve the readers’ complicity towards my characters. I guess like all writers do.