I don’t even remember my first drawing. For many years, when I was a child, I liked to reproduce the images of the comics Hazañas bélicas (Heroic Deeds of War) created by Guillermo Sanchez Boix, Boixcar , with matchless mastery. Maybe my first drawing of reference was the winner of a contest staged by the priest in my village. Since then I have made some hundred more, but unfortunately I have lost track of most of them.

I have to tell you that I am totally self-taught. I have never been taught art, drawing, or painting and I attribute the little I know to having read here and there by myself. I do keep my first painting. You will be able to gaze at it later. I painted it in 1968 in my father’s plumbing workshop, next to a window by placing the canvas over some cardboard boxes. Not an appropriate place for an artist, if you stop to think, but the place is not important if you feel like doing things. For this first painting I used oil and watercolour paintbrushes, although I did not notice it until some time later.

The following ones were different, I still can’t find some of them and I will not be able to contemplate some others any more. It was not until the late eighties and the early nineties that I came across a new style that made me feel more comfortable than ever, I was easily inspired and the results were reasonably satisfactory to me. This style could be called my style and in fact I call it colourist expressionism , which has as a reference the expressionist artists of the beginning of the XXth century, among whom the main example would be the German painter Franz Marc (1880-1916), one of my references.

I guess my imagination and interest in looking for new things have led me to a new way of painting. This new style, with a certain impressionist tendency, lately has taken up all the time I spend painting. The inspiration is continuous, I easily come up with ideas and I need to take advantage of this situation. So it is what we are working on.

If we have to talk abouth the technique I use, I have to say I am little innovative and so I have used mainly oils. I have tried out watercolours, but they have ended up locked in a drawer. I also like drawing and painting with crayons and using paintbrushes and the Indian ink inkwell.

My favourite painter is Vincent Van Gogh, whom I fondly call Vicentet –little Vincent- . We often keep long conversations that help me understand the reason why I am so keen on, or rather obsessed with painting. As he says: «Whatever you paint can be better or worse, but it is a unique work in the world, because it is yours and there is no other alike» .

Well, if you want to send me any of your works of art, I also have a place for them… And now, if you want, you can already access the gallery.