Expressionist and Surrealist style


The style I call “expressionist” could be also named “colourist, geometrical or even basically surrealist”. It is based on the subdivision of spaces into irregular geometric figures that complement one another, like a jigsaw, and make up a whole. Colour degrading, relief effects and light breakings of the space are the most characteristic aspects in this style, that has Das blau pferden, Nocturn urbà or La primavera as its most significant paintings. Here are clearly surrealist paintings such as LSD, too. L’estil que jo anomeno expressionista també podria anomenar-se colorista, geomètric o fins i tot bàsicament surrealista.

This way of painting is the one that I feel most identified with what could be said my style. Although it requires both a lot of time and precision, its results are normally rewarding and the ideas and compositions for new works easily emerge from my inspiration.